A downloadable game for Android

Turn your Longboard into a game controller only with your mobile phone! Everything you need is an app on your mobile and the sk8-bit Longboarding game on your PC.

This is not a full features game, only a demo how to turn your longboard into a game controller.

Install instructions

  1. Download and install the Android app on your mobile phone

  2. Download and install the game for your system (Win32/64 or macOS)

  3. Start the game on your PC and select Start game

  4. Start the mobile app and enter the IP address shown at the PC screen

  5. If connected, the yellow bar tilts with your phone’s movement

  6. Select the right axis (X, Y or Z) on your phone

  7. Tape your phone under your longboard

  8. Press Enter on the PC to start the game

  9. You can control the player with your longboard now

Maybe you have to flip your phone or select another axis to get the correct behavior. Just try it out 😁


Android app (to use your board as controller) 4 MB
Game (Windows 32-bit) 5 MB
Game (Windows 64-bit) 6 MB
Game (macOS) 7 MB